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The new city of Almere is growing in popularity with expats, who appreciate its wide open spaces and its clean living. Almere is the capital of Flevoland, the Netherlands’ newest province, which was created on reclaimed land in the middle of the last century.

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The website Expats in Almere aims to provide expats with a quick and easy reference guide to local information providers and services which cater to the city’s international residents.

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About Almere

With a population of approximately 195,000, Almere is the largest city in the Dutch province Flevoland and the 7th largest city in the Netherlands. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the Netherlands and is expected to have 300,000 citizens by 2030. Almere has become popular with families because it is a more affordable city but is still just a short train ride from Amsterdam
Almere is also the Netherlands youngest city. The name “Almere” is derived from the medieval name of the Zuiderzee; Almere.The first house was finished in 1976, and it became a municipality in 1984. Almere was built to house the growing population of Amsterdam after the Second World War.
Almere has a relatively young population; 30% of the people are under 20, and only 7% are over 65. In 2013, 134 different nationalities lived in Almere.
The city centre has one the biggest shopping centres in the Netherlands with tens of thousands of square meters dedicated to shopping, entertainment and leisure. Almere Harbour and Almere Buiten, on the outskirts of the city, also have large shopping centres.

Almere Architecture

The orginal Almere housing plan was based on functionality and a levelling of social status. Almere became a spacious area, with many modern and innovative architectural highlights. As the city became more popular, more interesting housing designs were built. A prime example is the the “Rainbow neighbourhood” where all the street names are colours and the houses match these colours. In some in neighbourhoods people have designed their own houses as a cultural experiment and you can still buy a plot to do this. The city attracts thousands of architecture fans. You can arrange a guided tour or get information about the architecture of Almere at the tourist information office.

Expat Almere

The city is popular with expat families and has a small but active international community, which operates the International Almere website. There is also an Almere international school. The needs of high-skilled migrants are met by the Amsterdam Expatcenter. The World Trade Center Almere has an active international business club. The city and province focus on five key sectors, IT and the media, logistics, health and wellness, sustainable development and Lelystad airport. The national government has plans to turn Lelystad airport into a major hub for budget airlines.

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